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These services are for students, staff, parents, departmental, visitors who need material without logging in (non-security downloads). If the files are password-protected you will need to contact our admin team or email and release the files. Downloads can be in 'pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, jpg, avi, mp4, mkv, png, txt, rar, zip, apk android, pc or ios'.

School Newsletters

This newsletter is primarily for the teachers & other staff, to provide information, stats, reports and update parents on their wards performance over a 6 month period (first & second semester). It will highlight their achievements & the actvities they participated in over the period. Parents views, notices & information on events will be updated here also, so do download and have a read, its your input that matters as we develop our children's educational levels.

Link : AFS Newsletter 1.pdf  (sample only)

Test Link : afs.txt


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