Headmistress's Message

Dear Reader,


         We extend a very warm welcome to our website which is designed to give you a realistic sneak peek into Air Force School Bhisiana. We are known for our core values of ‘Leading through Innovation, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by Learning and Global Citizenship’ are imparted by teachers who are handpicked and dexterously trained in the best educational practices worldwide.

          A serene sprawling campus away from the urban bustle greets a child at AFS Bhisiana with a world of perfect balance between monk ethos and vivacity of life on the greens in an eco-friendly ambience.  Our strong points are the deft blend of academics aided by the most modern interactive props at all levels, with sports, physical activity and a selection of the performing arts.

          We strive to empower our learners with the skill required to make sense of the diversities and the potentially confusing complexities of the world they step into.  The divisions between global and local have become more blurred, at several levels.  The AFS Bhisiana team with its teacher – guided technology, is equipped to foster today’s widening intellectual pursuits, blending the interactions with an awareness of the phenomena called life out of the school.

          I sign off with the conviction that at AFS Bhisiana we will continue giving the best education to our students.


Mrs Payal Batra
HM, Air Force School Bhisiana